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Contour continuously ingests data from the tools that your business uses, giving you access to your data when you can use it to make good decisions.

Support the tools you already use

If there's a tool you use to run your business, we will get your data out of it, even if we don't support the tool yet. We can add most integrations within 48 hours.

Customizable reports

Don't settle for an off-the-shelf report. We will work with you to customize your reports, ensuring they match the metrics and KPIs you use to run your business.

About the Contour reporting platform

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Contour takes the data your business already produces - from your point-of-sale, CRM, booking tool, or EHR - and transforms it into a structured format for easy querying. From there, you can build reports and dashboards to help your run your business. No more moving data around in a spreadsheet each week.

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